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Why Opt for SheetsInterview to Hire business analysts?

Save $500 to $1000 in hiring costs per business analyst. Quickly evaluate business analysis skills and streamline your hiring process.

Efficient Hiring

Speed up your hiring process with tools designed for rapid assessment of business analysis skills.

Accurate Results

Rely on our platform for precise evaluations of candidates' business analysis capabilities.


Equip your team with intuitive tools for a smooth and efficient assessment experience.


Easily grow your team of business analysts with our flexible solution, ensuring consistent efficiency.

How It Works


Select an Assessment

Choose from our library of Excel assessments tailored for business analyst roles.


Send the Link

Provide the prospect for the business analyst role with a unique link to complete their assessment online.


Evaluate Results

Review detailed reports on candidates' performance and Excel skills, which highly correlates to their performance on the job.

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